From Cosby to Sheen: The Lawyer At The Center of the Celebrity Sex Scandals

From Cosby to Sheen: The Lawyer At The Center of the Celebrity Sex Scandals 2

Celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred is being consulted by various girlfriends of Charlie Sheen in what could be the precursor to lawsuits against the HIV-positive actor.

Sheen’s admission about his infection has lead to wide publicity and claims of potential lawsuits.

And Ms Allred might be just the woman for such claims, representing several women who allege they were sexually assaulted by comedian Bill Cosby.

But her celebrity-related lawsuits include cases filed against OJ Simpson and molestation cases brought against the late Michael Jackson.

The Allred-lead cases against Bill Cosby have lead to her suing authorities in an Atlanta, Georgia suburb for denying her and other protesters access to a Bill Cosby show, which alleges violation of free speech. Allred is representing 28 of the 40 women who have come forward claiming that Cosby abused them.

Whether she has anywhere the same number of women in the Sheen situation remains to be seen.

“Since Charlie Sheen’s interview yesterday, I will now confirm that I have been contacted by women with reference to Charlie Sheen and their rights,” she said in a statement to media on Wednesday. “I have no comment on what will happen next.”

Ms Allred is a highly successful and high profile feminist and civil rights lawyer who has marked up a range of successes as well as fighting high profile defendants.

As Wikipedia note:

She often takes high-profile cases, using press conferences and appearances on television to much effect. Allred has represented many clients in suits against celebrities, including those against Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger,[14] Herman Cain,[15] David Boreanaz,[16][17] Scott Lee Cohen,[18] Anthony Weiner,[19] Sacha Baron Cohen,[20] and Esai Morales.[21]

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