Hires Euro-Experts, Expanding Current Topic Coverage

We read recently about a wonderful exhibit in Brussels with a title that translates as, “America is our history, too!” Inspired by this reminder of trans-oceanic ties, management has decided to bring some Euro-specialists onto our writing staff. This will expand’s expertise on contemporary topics from a European perspective.

The exhibit covers the interactions of the two continents from Pre-Revolutionary Enlightenment, through massive emigrations westward in the 1800s, to the world wars which brought the descendants of those immigrants back to Europe to fight. It also examines the post-war period through some dandy 60’s interiors! All along, the movement of people, goods, and ideas has disproportionately impacted the whole globe.

In light of this continuing importance, is specifically pulling together a group of specialist writers to focus on contemporary European art, politics, economics, and so forth. The firm already has specialist teams in subject areas such as American studies, and they are quite effective. There is great potential for mutual support in research, and keeping current.

This action, like all business decisions, is taken to improve our service to our customers. Focusing on Euro-US relations is one among many efforts to enrich our writers’ experience, and ensure that we have staff who can address, truly, any topic. There is much more information about this at our website,

About Us: has collected a very special corps of writers, over the last several years. We have recruited folks who possess subject matter expertise, writing/editing skills, and key personal attributes. They need them to help shepherd a panicked customer through the creative process, no matter the topic or the paper type. Contact for writing help!

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