Cruise Ship Passengers Returned To Port After Getting Virus

March 2, 2009 (by Otto Smyth)

According to reports by cruise ship lawsuit lawyers, a cruise ship has returned to San Diego after over 100 passengers become ill.

It has been reported that the MS Oosterdam, a Holland American ship returned to San Diego on Saturday after the crew declared a code red on the first night of the cruise. There are reportedly over 100 passengers, along with crew members that contracted the norovirus and became ill their first night at sea.

Norovirus is a stomach flu that caused the passengers to become ill, is a stomach virus having symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms. It is unclear what the source was that cause the virus aboard the ship and after returning the passengers to port at San Diego, the ship was sanitized and was expected to return to sea.

There were 2,600 passengers aboard the Holland American cruise ship that was enroute to Mexico.

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