’s Green Plans: Renovation Energy Savings to Be Invested in Writer Enhancement

This last summer was a scorcher for’s facilities, and for our cooling budget! We are looking ahead to cooler weather and, then, more energy bills for heating. In the hopes of reducing these expenses in future years, is undertaking a substantial and eco-conscious renovation. We look forward to having some savings to plow back into areas such as technology investment, and writer enrichment, as well as lowering our impact on the planet.

Although we have some solar panels already, there are plenty of opportunities at for additional measures to reduce our energy consumption. Think big and outside the box, says our facilities manager, in asking staff for ideas, and we have done exactly that!

As a result, our wish list includes window awnings, more plantings of evergreen trees close to the building, and composting for lunch/dinner scraps. Staffers have mentioned solar tubes to direct sunlight into interior spaces, and heat exhausting tubes to carry hot air out of poorly ventilated areas.

Others have suggested bicycle racks, misters to reduce the summer temperatures in the outside lunch area, and more locations for motion sensor light switches. Of course, obvious and big-ticket items such as insulation, window upgrades, and low flow bathroom appliances are already on the list.

These are major investments, but we anticipate some major cost reductions over time as well. Any savings will be spent as we always spend our money; on improving the resources available to our writers and the customer support we can provide.

You can read much more about past energy conservation efforts at You can also find out more about some of the unusual and creative ways we improve the experience of our writers and our customers.


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