Writing-Services.org Writers Will Tour History Sites For A Deepened Understanding of US Past

Books, maps, and pictures are all helpful in understanding history, but nothing replaces seeing the physical places associated with historical events, with our own eyes. Writing-Services.org will be making it possible for our writers to visit important sites associated with the Civil War and the Revolutionary Wars. This experience will be invaluable in their writing about the American past.

There are so many from which Writing-Services.org writers might choose! The National Parks Service lists literally hundreds of sites for both these periods in US history! Many are close to major transportation hubs.

One of the richest such sites is Independence Hall National Park in downtown Philadelphia. On 45 urban acres sit no fewer than 20 historic buildings, including the place where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were drafted.

The new and impressive Constitution Center houses (among much else) a striking exhibit of life sized statues of the framers of these crucial documents, showing the size of e. (Notably, the average height is considerably less than the modern norm.)

Archeological and historical exhibits reveal the details of daily life in Benjamin Franklin’s household, and other building, as well as the role of enslaved Africans in the Revolutionary era. Carpenter Hall, known as Independence Hall, is shown to be a rather lively place in that era. The then President allowed visiting Native Americans to camp in tepees outside and build campfires inside the building!

This sort of experience is unique and inimitable. Writing-Services.org writers will learn so much through direct experience and observation, things they can use in writing about American history.

Such writer enrichment is nothing new to Writing-Services.org. Why don’t you check out some of the innovative ways that we are enhancing our writers’ skills and knowledge at http://writing-services.org.

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