The Day Judge Judy Let the Dog Decide the Case

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Custody cases are tough – we get that – but when it comes to animal custody then sometimes they just get a whole lot tougher, still.

Which is why Judge Judy let a dog decide who should have custody in a case that, once again, has become another Judge Judy sensation.

The clip surfaced recently although it’s from a 2012 episode and involved a dispute between a man and his dog, Baby Boy, who had been sold for $50 to a woman on the street, who now sought ownership.  Judge Judy, ever the judge-of-common-sense-and-reason, decided to let the dog decide to whom he should be attached.

When the dog is brought into the courtroom Judge Judy pronounced: ‘Madame, listen to me carefully: Put the dog down! Put the dog down’.

The dog was placed on the floor he immediately sprints over to the plaintiff.   The defendant tries to justify the action by saying that the dog ‘does that with everyone’ but the judge rules that Baby Boy has picked his parent.


Baby Boy, who was happily reunited with his owner, he just so happened to have his day in Judge Judy’s courtroom.

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