Dentons Announces Merger with Colombia and Mexican Firms

Dentons Announces Merger with Colombia and Mexican Firms 2


Dentons – Global law firm Dentons, Colombia’s Cárdenas & Cárdenas, and Mexico’s López Velarde, Heftye y Soria (LVHS), today announced that the partners of each firm have approved the combination of the three firms, bringing the world’s largest law firm to two of Latin America’s top four economies.


By combining, Cárdenas & Cárdenas, LVHS and Dentons will capitalize on their reinforcing and complementary strengths in key business sectors and practices including: Arbitration and Litigation, Banking and Finance, Corporate, Energy, Intellectual Property, Infrastructure, Mining and Natural Resources, and Telecommunications.

Name and brand

Globally the Firm will operate under the name “Dentons” in English and all other languages except for Chinese. In Chinese, the Firm will be known as “大成.”

Dentons and its combination partners have always sought to capitalize on strong legacy brands through a conscientious, innovative brand migration strategy that captures the goodwill lawyers and professionals of each foundational firm have built with existing clients in the regions they serve, while simultaneously developing and supporting the Dentons brand around the world. Dentons will continue to pursue this strategy in Colombia and Mexico, with branding that incorporates the names of each firm into its tagline and, where appropriate, local market logos that incorporate the logos of each firm into the Dentons branding.

About Dentons

Dentons is the world’s first polycentric global law firm. A top 20 firm on the Acritas 2015 Global Elite Brand Index, the Firm is committed to challenging the status quo in delivering consistent and uncompromising quality and value in new and inventive ways. Driven to provide clients a competitive edge, and connected to the communities where its clients want to do business, Dentons knows that understanding local cultures is crucial to successfully completing a deal, resolving a dispute or solving a business challenge. Now the world’s largest law firm, Dentons’ global team builds agile, tailored solutions to meet the local, national and global needs of private and public clients of any size in more than 125 locations serving 50-plus countries.

About Cárdenas & Cárdenas

Cárdenas & Cárdenas Abogados has worked with domestic and international clients, under schemes of high ethical commitment, seriousness and professionalism. We have a prominent group of lawyers and advisors focused on responding efficiently to requests from our clients and providing peak performance and quality in the legal professional services market.

The firm has assisted a large number of local and international companies doing business in Colombia, and has successfully participated in several international transactions representing Colombian clients, helping its clients in achieving their goals in Colombia.


About López Velarde, Heftye y Soria

López Velarde, Heftye y Soria (LVHS) is focused on ensuring the highest quality legal representation for its clients. Our Firm has a number of attorneys focused on highly specialized areas able to adequately address the complexity of major infrastructure projects, financing, strategic alliances, and mergers and acquisitions from the regulatory and business point of view. The firm´s strong recognition in the Mexican market includes representation of a broad array of international clients and domestic companies in key, highly specialized sectors where the firm is recognized as the market leader, including energy, infrastructure, and telecommunications.


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