Judicial Punch-Up Leads To Judicial Firing

Judicial Punch-Up Leads To Judicial Firing

Sparring judges and lawyers are nothing uncommon in court, but actually having the couple actually fight outside after the Judge himself asked the lawyer to “step outside” is taking matters to an extreme, you may think.

So too did the Florida Supreme Court has overturned a penalthy imposed by the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission and describing former judge John C Murphy’s behaviour “appalling” and proclaiming him unfit to serve the US Court.

The Qualifications Commission earlier recommended that Murphy cop a four-month suspension, a $70,000 fine, a public reprimand, and participate in a mental health program over the 2014 incident, which has since become infamous.

The Supreme Court disagreed and punished the veteran judge who allegedly suffers from PTSD.

“Notwithstanding his prior judicial performance, Judge Murphy’s total lack of self-control became a national spectacle — an embarrassment not only to the judge himself but also to Florida’s judicial system,” the court found.

“Given the clear erosion of public confidence in the judiciary caused by his misconduct, removal is an appropriate sanction.”


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