Diabetes Destroyed – Merck’s Moves Into Diabetes & Other Areas

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Pharmaceutical giants Merck have agreed to pay $8.4 billion for Cubist Pharmaceuticals in a major deal that sees the giant drug company move more deeply into the antibiotic area, including its focus upon diseases like diabetes.

The move has been a response to more interest in some areas such as vaccinces, diabetes and oncology and is also a response to Mercks aging portfolio of big selling drugs. The growing diabetes issue has stimulated further interest in this market as diabetes treatments and drugs are being developed by various companies and as Merck’s Januvia treatment is not growing as fast as previously.

Fox News are also reporting that the KE diet, also known as the feeding tube diet may in fact be the anser to those suffering type 2 diabetes.

The diet has been controversial since being introduced in 2011 and involves a feeding tube with an electric pump that is inserted through the nose and into the esophagus.

The ‘implant’ then provides a nutritional solution through the tube 24 hours a day, allowing the patient to intake about 800 calories daily. While on the diet, individuals cannot eat anything and may only drink water, tea or black coffee. This process lasts a number of days under doctor supervision.

Dr. Spencer Berry, medical director of Medical Weight Loss Specialists in Fargo, North Dakota, told FoxNews.com that the diet safely produces dramatic weight loss in a very short period of time.

“The KE diet provides only proteins, fats and micronutrients and no carbohydrates or sugars, so your body goes into a state of deep nutritional ketosis and burns its own fat,” he said.

Berry recently conducted a study of 17 patients suffering from type 2 diabetes or in a pre-diabetic state to test his theory that the KE diet could combat the disease.



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