Digital Signal Level Meter

Toronto, Canada – GAO Comm ( has announced the release of its digital signal level meter which is designed for use in the maintenance of digital, analog, FM or bilateral networks.
This handheld meter, model 1129D, is packed with functions such as single-channel, multi-channel, and all-band scanning; signal-to-noise ratio (SNR, S/N) measurement and spectrum and frequency analysis. It analog, digital, FM and dual channel measurements and is also able to conduct automatic channel power, MER and BER tests. This portable digital signal level meter tests 128/ITU-TJ.83 Annex A/B/C modulated signals and operates at a frequency range of 5MHz to 870MHz. It offers a signal level measurement range of 30dBμV to 120dBμV at a precision level of ±1.5dB. Optional constellation diagram generation is available.
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About GAO Comm
GAO Comm ( is an international leading provider of communication test instruments, equipment for the installation, testing and maintenance of communications infrastructures.

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