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Journalism and academic writing – it seems that these two fields are considered incompatible with each other. After all, the essence of journalism is all about sharp-tongue and catchy phrases, while academic writing is built upon exactness and carefully crafted wordings. However, has decided to try implementing journalism into its business. A seminar on methods of journalism was held in the office of last week and the results were rather impressive to say the least.

Among the specialists in various fields employs several journalists who appeared eager to share their knowledge and experience with other writers. Several talks and discussions revealed the patterns of structuring material in order to introduce certain intrigue. The ability to present information in a short and concise manner was also discussed and “anatomized.”

“I thought journalism is just like writing your opinions on the problem,” a writer in math shared his impressions. “Well, it seems that it’s closer to oratory rather than just describing events and analyzing them.”

Indeed, history of media has experienced examples of articles that overthrew the world just like political speeches. The management of hope writers will adopt some of the practices which will make our writing much more powerful.

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