Divorce Lawyer Explains How Same-Sex Ruling Effects Divorcing Couples

Lawfuel.com – Best Law Firm Newswire – David P. Badanes, Suffolk County divorce attorney, has recently released an article on his website entitled “How The Same Sex Ruling Effects Divorcing Couples.divorce lawyer and same-sex ruling

On June 26, 2013, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was declared unconstitutional, giving same sex couples equal treatment in terms of receiving the same federal benefits as opposite sex couples. By upholding same sex marriage federally, the Supreme Court has in effect also upheld federal standards for same sex couples seeking a divorce. Experienced Suffolk County Divorce Attorney, David P. Badanes, weighs in on the issue in a newly released article on his law office’s online blog. In the article, How The Same Sex Ruling Will Effect Divorcing Couples, Badanes clarifies what same sex couples looking to split up should now expect from a federal standpoint.

Since its enactment, DOMA prevented divorcing same sex couples the ability to receive federal benefits that opposite sex couples have. This includes items such as social security, tax liability, health insurance, and maintenance (alimony). As an authority in divorce law, David P. Badanes claims “Keeping up with the changes that will come about because of this repeal is extremely important to take note of. At the Badanes Law Office we can ensure that our clients’ needs relating to this topic will be effectively met since we are always up to date with current issues relating to divorce law.” As an experienced Suffolk County Divorce Lawyer, Badanes explains that regardless of whether the divorce is with a same sex couple or an opposite sex couple, that each divorce case is different and each case requires different, specialized skills.

In the article, Badanes goes into greater detail about each benefit that divorcing same sex couples will now get to receive on a federal level. Most importantly, not only does Badanes provide succinct and helpful information on this topic, but his entire legal blog is a great resource for the latest news in the field of divorce law. Badanes says, “If you need an attorney who is up-to-date on the legal landscape and you want to hire an experienced Divorce Attorney, call David Badanes at the Badanes Law Office.”

To read the full article on How The Same Sex Ruling Effects Divorcing Couples, please visit: http://www.dbnylaw.com/articles/how-the-same-sex-ruling-effects-divorcing-couples/

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