Do-It-Yourself Divorce Site Launched in Portland – Let’s Untie The Knot

New Platform Empowers Oregon Residents to File for Divorce for a Fraction of the Cost and Hassle

PORTLAND, OR (Oct. 16, 2018) – A Portland family law attorney has launched Let’s Untie the Knot, a new lawyer-free, court-free, hassle-free online resource to file for uncontested divorce in the state of Oregon. The site offers an easier and more affordable way to get divorced for a fraction of the cost, and represents the future of law in a digital age where Americans are seeking efficiency and value over cumbersome and costly traditions.

Using a step-by-step, automated approach, Let’s Untie the Knot guides users through every step of their divorce proceedings for significantly less than they would spend on a lawyer, and offers them help and guidance along the way. The site’s secure server keeps all personal information encrypted and 100 percent safe.

“The average cost of a single family law attorney is $17,250, and usually clients don’t know what the final cost will be since most lawyers charge by the hour,” says Let’s Untie the Knot Founder Nicole Schaefer. “I wanted to offer a service that lets you know the exact price from the start, and empowers users to do as much or as little of the work as they want. I saw a way to leverage today’s technology to streamline the process in a way that makes filing for divorce more affordable, straightforward and efficient.”

Let’s Untie the Knot guides users through six simple steps of the uncontested divorce process, from the initial sign up and petition to serving a spouse, financial disclosures, negotiating terms, and creating the final document to be filed with the court. Users can file and manage the process anytime, anywhere via the automated platform that saves them from doing a mountain of paperwork. 

The site offers four packages: Free ($0), Basic ($750), Pro ($1,500) and Premium ($2,500).

·       Free – Allows users to take a quiz, review a summary of paperwork needed, and test the site

·       Basic – Provides all PDFs, offers 72-hour responses, and instructs users how to file themselves

·       Pro – Files on behalf of one spouse, offers 48-hour responses, and includes a parenting plan

·       Premium – Offers a personal divorce consultant, 24-hour responses, and files for both spouses 

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