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When it comes to Los Angeles – City of the Angels and Movie Stars – DUI laws can often find themselves highlighted by the arrest of celebrities.

We only have to think of a variety of cases ranging from the death of California ANgels baseball pitcher Nick Adenhart, killed in Fullerton by a drunk driver, to the actress Amanda Bynes and of course Lindsay Lohan. Justin Bieber’s arrest recently was of course in Florida.

In fact, the number of women needing to see DUI or DWI lawyers is increasing to, as shown in The Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) which shows that female DUI arrests have increased by 28.8% between 1998 and 2007.

DUI statistics from the FBI show that in 2011 nearly 25% of drunk drivers arrested in the United States were women, whereas in 1980 that number was just 9.8%.

There are any number of very find Los Angeles drunk driving lawyers but lets find out a little about the DUI laws in the city and some dui statistics.

LA is very much a driving city and as a result it finds itself highly susceptible to a lot of auto injury and dui offenses that range across the full spectrum of dui law.

As with many major centers, Los Angeles has an array of specialist dui attorneys and the ability to check dui attorney review websites and other online sources lets many clients find out just how good their lawyer might be. But there are some key things that it would pay anyone facing a DUI offense to know prior to even checking on who a good DUI lawyer in the city might be.

Los Angeles dui statistics

At the time when Nick Adenhart was killed in 2009 there were over 2,600 DUI arrests in one two week period, disclosed by the California Office of Traffic and Safety.

The Legal Limit for Drunk Driving Offenses in LA

Blood alcohol content (BAC) permitted in Los Angeles is 0.08 per cent or 0.04 per cent for those having a commercial drivers licence and just 0.01 per cent for drivers under the age of 21 or for those on probation for some DUI offense.

Los Angeles DUI Checkpoints

The Los Angeles Police have increased their use of DUI checkpoints, including the use of a portable tool that checks for drug use and designed to catch those using marijuana and other uses.

This uses a swab testing tool as well as the more common checkpoint breathalyzers checking for BAC as used at sobriety checkpoints elsewhere.

Remember that an LAPD officer can request for a voluntary portable test of oral fluids on the gum and cheeks, which is then used in the device for immediate testing, thus replacing the need for blood tests.

DUI Penalties in Los Angeles for a First Offense

The potential penalties for first time offenses include jail (which could be up to six months), fine (up to $1000), penalty assessment (up to three times the amount of the fine), drivers licence suspension (usually around six months), completion of a DUI program, which may last for up to nine months and a California SR22 insurance requirement, which is proof of financial responsibility.

What Happens Upon a DUI Arrest?

The arrested driver’s license is taken by the police, being returned following the suspension period and the person will then need to request a hearing within 10 days from the DMV after the suspension or the revocation order is made.

A Los Angeles DUI offense can result in jail time. Most often you will be required to complete an alcohol program as well as to pay a fine and be placed on informal probation.

But the circumstances will depend upon the severity of the DUI case and whether you need to make restitution for any property damage or for physical injury.

Prosecution for DUI Offenses in Los Angeles

Los Angeles DUI arrests are handled mainly by the Los Angeles County and prosecuted by the City Prosecutor, depending upon where the incident and arrest occurred. Generally misdemeanors and all felony offenses will be prosecuted by the Los Angeles COunty District Attorney, who get their power to prosecute from the California Vehicle COde (CVC section 23152(a).

There are additional sections of the CVC relating to different DUI offenses and the more serious then involve issues like second degree murder or ‘watson murder’ which is where someone can be prosecuted for manslaughter if there is ‘malice aforethought’. In other words you will be liable (Penal Code section 187) if the driver knew, or reasonably should have known, that driving while impaired is likely to cause death. The malice may be either express or implied.

Choosing a Los Angeles DUI Attorney

There are many very good DUI attorneys. Some (listed beneath) can provide expert assistance but you should make the very best checks you can, including using DUI attorney reviews and other sites to verify the credentials and success rate for difference drunk driving attorney law firms.

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