Essential Personal Injury Lawsuits that Business Owners Must Know

Essential Personal Injury Lawsuits that Business Owners Must Know 2


What to do, if you have had a personal injury on business property? You could wind up filing a lawsuit so as to get compensation for your medical bills and other losses.

But liability in most cases of personal injury claims is usually based on a legal notion often called as “negligence,” which generally need proof that:

  • the litigant owed a legal duty to the petitioner.
  • the litigant breached that duty.
  • the breach of duty caused harm to the petitioner.

For the safety and success of small organisation it is important to be aware of the personal injury elements. Let’s have a deep insight at some of the personal injury lawsuits to protect your business.

  1. Premises Liability

It is a legal term in which injury occurs due to some defective or unsafe condition on someone’s property. Everybody from workers and clients to vendor and solicitors or even intruder falls in the protection category under premises liability law and the owner itself is responsible against injury.

“Slip & falls” the most common term usually used by the personal injury attorneys in which business owner is liable when an individual slip or trips. These accidents cause due to wet floors, poor lighting, torn carpeting or other risks inside the building.

The following preventive measures should be taken to avoid such type of situation:

  • Implement safety policies as well as procedures for the unsafe conditions.
  • Provide proper training to your employees to handle the situation immediately.
  • Use signs, videos for all the invitees, employees, clients and other visitors to warn about the potential risk.
  • Regularly maintain and inspect marked areas.
  1. Claiming Workers’ Compensation

Occupational injuries are more than just an economic burden. They can put your running actions and operations behind the planned timeframe and stimulate an unpleasant work scenario.

So always take advice from an experienced personal injury defense attorney for help in case of workers get injured at your business or by your products.

It’s better to protect your business with worker’s compensation insurance due to the following reason:

  • Includes medical treatment, vocational rehabilitation, lost wages and death benefits that helps you to attract employees and keep your team even after misfortune or mishappening.
  • It pays for damages, settlements, attorney’s fees and court costs ultimately preventing business failure during injuries.
  • Promotes a better and safe working surroundings by providing extra premiums and sufficient incentives.
  • Ensures that your business follows with state laws.
  1. Product Liability

Product liability laws are meant to prevent customers or consumers against the defective products that can cause harm. It can decline your product’s as well as company reputation.

Here are some initiatives you can take to minimize your product liability risks:

  • Perform product testing during the evaluation phases check product flaw.
  • Review products periodically during the stages to make sure that no new hazards exit.
  • Purchase product liability insurance that offers your organisation the best protection.
  • Make an agreement with your suppliers to make them responsible for any defect in product financially.
  1. Negligence

Negligence is a common law idea that includes the failure of a duty to exercise reasonable care. A business can safeguard against negligence claim by striking any of the following elements by:

  • Challenging the position of the invitee or licensee & duty of care.
  • Claiming that it is acted in a manner conforming with essential standard of care.
  • Striking the causal link between act and exclusion and harm or pain.
  • Interrogate whether the complainant experienced any actual loss.

Every small business owner should be aware of the above mentioned personal injury lawsuits to reduce the chances of dealing with personal injury cases and take your business to a higher growth profitably.



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