The (Ex)-Lawyer and the Murderer – A Marriage Made in Hell

The (Ex)-Lawyer and the Murderer - A Marriage Made in Hell


davinaWho would have thought it? Well, most of us if we think long enough about the Davina Murray and her undying love for former client Liam Reid, serving a 23 year sentence for raping and killing deaf victim Emma Agnew in 2007 and who today married the former lawyer.

Reid also attempted to murder and raped a 21 year old Dunedin student nine days after the first murder.

He was described by Justice Lester Chisholm as “an evil and dangerous predator” at his sentencing.

Murray lost her licence after smuggling an iPhone, cigarettes and other necessary prison accouterments to her lover while he was in Mt Eden prison.  She was convicted and sentenced to community service in 2013.

paremoremoThey’re due to marry today at 10am in the wedding venue of Paremoremo prison, according to prison authories who do not see any threat to anyone by hosting the ceremony.

Murray, a former Maori Party candidate, who has waxed lyrical over Reid and his special attraction for her, as only a convicted murderer and rapist might display.

He kissed her, she told a friend, in a way she had never been kissed before.

“I hate that I’m in love with him … if the courts say no, I wouldn’t care but I’m scared to lose him … He makes me laugh, he makes me think, he makes me cry, he makes me feel beautiful, he makes me sing.”

Murray had protested both her innocence and her client/lover/husband’s also in previous court appearances, including when she appeared for herself seeking a discharge without conviction.

Now she has – it seems – she is forever with the love of her life.

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