Firm’s ‘Best on the Ground’ Policy Sees New Partners

Fiona Mackenzie Mackenzie Elvin law firm

Law Firm Mackenzie Elvin in Tauranga add two partners

Long-standing Tauranga law firm, Mackenzie Elvin Law, has welcomed two additional partners to the business.

Thomas Refoy-Butler and Rebecca Savage joined the partnership in January 2021, forming part of the second generation of leaders at the firm – founded nearly 40 years ago by family law specialist, Fiona Mackenzie.

They join not only Fiona, but also Graeme Elvin, Marcus Wilkins and Tom Elvin as partners. A historic villa provides landmark offices for the firm where a team of more than 30 work, building on their legacy to be ‘the best on the ground’.

Firm's 'Best on the Ground' Policy Sees New Partners
Fiona MacKenzie

“Rebecca and Thomas are outstanding legal practitioners and people,” says Fiona. “Their progression to partnership not only reflects the growth of the firm, but also enhances the quality and competence of the people who make it up. It brings great pleasure to be joining with them in the generational growth that they represent,” adds Fiona.

Thomas started at Mackenzie Elvin Law in 2019, after relocating his young family from Auckland, where he practised at two national law firms including the office of the Crown Solicitors. During this time he acted as counsel in the District Court, High Court and Court of Appeal for Crown entities, corporate and private clients. He now works with corporate and private clients on a broad sphere of commercial and regulatory disputes.

Thomas says it’s an exciting time to join the partnership at Mackenzie Elvin Law, “I’m driven to help our clients work through difficult, and often stressful, situations. I appreciate the need to approach litigation through a strategic lens – no two disputes are the same which calls for a dynamic approach.”

Rebecca Savage – a former Judges’ Clerk at the Auckland High Court before joining the Office of the Crown Solicitor in Auckland. She travelled to the United Kingdom as a Pegasus Scholar and was awarded the New Zealand Law Society, Young Lawyer of the Year award before completing her Masters of Law at the University of Cambridge in 2013.

Rebecca specialises in family dispute resolution law, and takes a grounded approach to relationship property, trust and family protection matters, and litigation arising out of broken relationships.

The team at Mackenzie Elvin Law recognise that law isn’t above anyone – it’s for everyone – and that’s why the local business has a reputation of not only strong legal competence but also approachability.

“Rebecca understands the realities of relationships and brings so much to our team, and the wider community. Her incisive approach, intellectual rigor and experience in managing cases, ensures that clients are getting top quality legal advice and representation,” says Fiona.

“Thomas, too, brings a depth of knowledge to our team and his clients, delivering high-level strategic, legal and commercial advice.

They are breaking further ground as part of the new generation of leaders at Mackenzie Elvin Law.”

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