First Foreclosure Under Attorney General’s Foreclosure Rescue Fraud Prevention Law – See for Legal Announcements

TALLAHASSEE, FL – LawFuel Legal Newswire – Attorney General Bill McCollum today announced that his Economic Crimes Division has reached a settlement with a Tampa business engaged in foreclosure rescue services over allegations the conduct violated the newly enacted Foreclosure Rescue Fraud Prevention Act.
Attorney Debt Services, LLC, which conducted business under the name HomeKeeper USA, will cease its operations until it is able to fully comply with the law. Additionally, it will pay $10,000 to the Attorney Generals Seniors vs. Crime program.

A four-week investigation by the Economic Crimes Division revealed Attorney Debt Services was allegedly providing foreclosure rescue services to homeowners who were in various stages of the foreclosure process. The company allegedly offered, for an advance fee, to assist consumers in arranging an alternative payment plan with the homeowners lender for the purpose of avoiding foreclosure.

Under the settlement, the company has 60 days from the date of the settlement to complete any contracted services; if the services are not completed, the company must report back to the Attorney Generals Office about the status and any consumer whose contracted services are not provided within six months of the date of agreement shall be fully refunded. No refunds are due to consumers if the contracted services have been provided or if consumers have been previously refunded.

The new law prohibits the collection of upfront fees before completing or performing all services contained in the foreclosure rescue agreement and was one of the Attorney Generals legislative priorities during the 2008 Legislative Session.

A copy of the agreement with Attorney Debt Services is available online

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