Former Baker + McKenzie Boss Rises To New Role

Former Baker + McKenzie Boss Rises To New Role 2
Former Baker + McKenzie Boss Rises To New Role 3

Former Baker + McKenzie chief Christine Lagarde will be the first non-economist and woman to hold the role as president of the European Central Bank.

Ms Lagarde was chairwoman of Baker & McKenzie and has since held cabinet positions in the French government and been managing director of the International Monetary Fund sincve 2011.

The ECB role is essentially a policy making one when she will need to use her impressive negotiation skills on monetary policy issues with other council members, responsible for the 340 million people who use the euro.

Last year, Forbes ranked her third on its list of the world’s most powerful women, behind German Chancellor Angela Merkel and UK Prime Minister Theresa May. She played a significant role in Baker + McKenzie’s global development as well, particularly with her political and networking skills to the fore.

Sixty three year old Lagarde found herself in the dock three years ago in the murky affair of the colorful French businessman and former minister Bernard Tapie, erstwhile head of Olympique Marseille football club, to resolve a dispute over the sale an Adidas brand to Credit Lyannaise using a rare arbitration procedure.

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