Get Into The World Of Aion The Creator

Play Aion play a multiplayer role playing game. With Aion jump into a fantasy world of Aion the creator. The game was designed and developed by NcSoft and was then released in North America under the name of Aion. It is easy to play Aion with your Aion accounts. The game is an action and battle oriented game. You can get into role playing by getting into role of characters and role play the game as is required.

Playing Aion gives you an opportunity to build characters. With your Aion accounts you can do try various permutation and combinations and design your privileged character. You can be set of characters from the dark and the light side or the two parts of Atreia after it got segregated due to a fierce battle. Additionally with the help of Aion accounts you can adjust height, weight and scale of various body parts of the characters. With your Aion accounts you can also adjust hair styles, skin colors, facial textures and voices. You can go further and customize to the point of going to the extreme of shape of the eyes, eye color, shape of the nose, size of the ear and tattoos of the character’s face and body. All this can be done with your Aion accounts.

This is a fun and an amazing game. With your Aion accounts you can go to extremes that are difficult with any other game. As an Aion accounts holder you can also change the weapon or armor that is there in their inventory. This is fun for the players as they can try out new looks for their avatar and play the game of Aion.

The Aion accounts take you to an action and combat based game. In this game Aion is actually the creator who is known to create human forms, protectors known as Balaurs. The game is also about the fight between two bodies who want to have power over Atreia. Finally the planet broke into two sides, a dark and the light side. Those Empyrean Lords who were the fighter created by Aion started ruling the dark part of the world and were known as Shedim Lords. Those who wanted peace were known as the Seraphim Lords and ruled over the lower half of Atreia. There were other creatures that lived in the light part of the world- one part of Atreia – the Elyos. These followers of the Seraphim Lords created the city of Sanctum.

With your age of conan account you can jump into the magical and fantasy world of Aion and play the fun game. What best than to spend your time other than get into the fun world of Aion with you Aion Accounts.

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