Global Counsel Report: Morrison & Foerster’s Global Survey On The GC Of The Future

Global Counsel Report: Morrison & Foerster's Global Survey On The GC Of The Future 2

Leading with Influence was written with you in mind. As part of an ongoing commitment to supporting the professional growth of legal leaders, Global Leaders in Law and Morrison & Foerster have partnered to create Leading with Influence, a new research study  aimed at highlighting the most significant areas of development and drivers of change for today’s general counsels (GC). For the study, we have collaborated with leadership experts from Lazarus & Maverick, a global leadership development and high-performance executive coaching consultancy, to conduct both qualitative and quantitative research that shines a light on the game-changing competencies required for
the GC of the future.


If you have recently wondered how to keep all the plates spinning or how to stay ahead of the game, you are in good company. Many legal leaders are reflecting on their increasingly complex roles in increasingly complex times. This report is designed to help you explore your own formula for success in order to effectively lead with influence in uncertain times.

The report contains research-validated insights on:
• The ideal characteristics of the GC of the future versus their current state, and how these compare to other executive functions.
• The GC’s key attitudes and aptitudes as leaders, including both strengths and possible blindspots.
• How to put theory into practice by providing a skills manual and behavioral examples to help assess your strengths and determine learning opportunities to become an exceptional legal leader with far-reaching influence across your organization

Additionally, the study confirms that there is plenty of room for legal leaders to move from transactional to transformational work, and, above all, to become integral to shaping the future of the business.

However, unlike other surveys exploring the evolution mof the GC’s role, our study focuses specifically on legal leaders’ behaviors and behavioral patterns known to supercharge or stall their effectiveness.

Read the Full Global Counsel Report here

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