Good Looks Ruined Her Law Career . . She Says

Good Looks Ruined Her Law Career . . She Says
Good Looks Ruined Her Law Career . . She Says

A Russian-born lawyer has claimed that her attractiveness has hindered her ability to achieve good looking results via a law career.

The lawyer, Irina Kova, says that being beautiful has meant she has not been taken seriously, even though she has taken steps to downgrade her appearance (sorry brunettes and spectacle wearers) by dying her blonde hair dark and wearing spectacles.

To no avail, evidently.

The plight of Ms Kova was rervealed in a Sun newspaper article that followed a report published in US journal Sex Roles, which argues that beautiful women are seen as less honest and trustworthy and are more likely to be sacked.

The study says female colleagues still consider gorgeous women a threat. And men would rather hit on them than hire them, the research said.

Ms Kova’s Instagram posts display varying images in the pouting-lips-and-look-at-me fashion of swimsuit models.

But the looks just kept on impeding her.

“Even during the hiring process, being beautiful gets in the way. I have a law degree and a great CV but my recruitment agent still told me to dye my blonde hair dark for interview”.

She added: “Women don’t trust you and men don’t see you as a professional. Men never want to hire me. I get it – that’s because they don’t want to be distracted at work.

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