Good News for Keeps Getting Even Better – has shown a strong growth in 2011 and its credit rating has increased to BBB. The company will be further encouraged by the announcements, particularly following last month’s California Appeals Court ruling in favor of Priceline so far as ‘resort fees’ are concerned.

The Court was hearing a case against Priceline who claimed that they contravened their contract by not adding resort fees to the prices quoted by the website. The lawsuit for breach of contract and violation
of the Unfair Competition Law.

In finding for, the Court said, “The main issue in this appeal is whether Priceline’s quotation of a price for “total charges” misrepresented the amount each plaintiff would pay for their hotel room by failing to include the resort fees charged by the hotels.

“We find that Priceline clearly disclosed that resort fees charged by hotels were not included in the “total charges” quoted by Priceline to each plaintiff, and therefore the “total charges” for room reservations plaintiffs made through was not a misrepresentation. We affirm the judgment for defendant Priceline.”

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