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Report Summary
Companies within the utilities industry are developing products and services to harness the opportunities represented by environmentally conscious consumers. Targeting and reaching those customers requires sophisticated intelligence that relates specifically to the utilities industry and includes breakdowns based on demographics, attitudes and behaviors.
An examination of how environmentally conscious global consumers are, and how this translates into green behaviours
An exploration of which factors affect a consumer’s choice to undertake green behaviours and purchase sustainable products
Data on how likely consumers are to buy green services and how much more they are willing to pay over traditional services, both now and in the future
Unique data on exactly what consumers require from utilities in order to become greener energy usersConsumers have strong attitudes, beliefs and motivations about the environment and climate change leading them to adjust their behaviors in favour of saving energy.

Where as perceived economic benefits are a key motivation for consumers adopting greener behavior, many do show a willingness to spend more money on sustainable goods and services.

Consumers do not trust utilities and this lack of trust is a major obstacle to consumers becoming more willing to pay extra for services such as green energy tariffs and the widespread adoption of products such as smart meters.
Understand the factors that are driving the growth of green consumerism among global consumers
Find out why consumers do not trust utilities and why they are likely to shun green energy tariffs
Find out what information consumers are demanding from their energy suppliers, such as information on carbon footprints and advice on saving energy

Overview 1
Catalyst 1
Key findings 1
Analysis 4
Global energy market 4
Consumers have strong attitudes, beliefs and motivations about the environment and climate change,
leading them to adjust their behaviors 6
Issue: the majority of consumers are not using green tariffs 15
Issue: apart from energy-saving light bulbs, uptake of green products is poor 18
Issue: customers are unaware of smart meters and the potential to install clean energy technology and sell
electricity back to the grid 19
Issue: customers do not know what a carbon footprint is and subsequently have not attempted to calculate
their own 21
Issue: the majority of consumers are cynical about companies’ motivations when engaging in sustainable
business practices 23
Conclusion and Recommendations 26
Utilities should improve clarity of green tariffs 26
Utilities should offer a wider range of green products 30
Utilities should provide more service and support for existing and potential green customers 32
Consumers and utilities both have an important role to play in improving energy efficiency and reducing
consumption 35
Appendix 36
Methodology 36
Ask the analyst 36
Datamonitor consulting 36
Disclaimer 36

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