“Happy Divorce” – How One Law Firm Is Making Valentines Day A Free Divorce Day

"Happy Divorce" - How One Law Firm Is Making Valentines Day A Free Divorce Day

Call it law firm marketing or a Valentine Day initiative like few others, but one Tennessee law firm is making February 14 a day when unhappy couples can remember why they can’t stand one another – by giving away a free divorce to one lucky/unlucky client.

It’s a law marketing initiative that sees The Powers Law Firm choosing a person seeking free legal services to get what they – at least in more recent times – have always wanted.

“There’s a lot of people that stay married just because they can’t afford it. Divorces are really expensive. Usually the cost starts from $1,150, and not everyone has that kind of money to drop off the bat,” Timothy Sexton, a paralegal at the law firm, told CNN.
“After we’ve endured the coronavirus pandemic, lockdowns, a nation divided during election season, some people may have reached their breaking point and they need a way out so we are offering them an opportunity to move on with their lives,” he said.
Only Tennessee residents are eligible for the law firm divorce deal.  Those interested need to email the law firm by February 15 — the day after Valentine’s Day. The divorce case ‘winner’ will be selected February 19.
The Powers Law Firm says the divorce must be agreed to by both parties and involve little or no child custody issues. The only cost not covered is a parent education class required for divorces involving minors.
So there’s one law marketing initiative that will be forever etched on the minds of the happier couple.
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