Have Google Just Stabbed You in the BackLinks?

google updates hit spammy backlinks

google updates hit spammy backlinksGoogle’s ever-changing ability to search for the ‘quality content’ and avoid spammy backlinks has been followed up by a webmaster-announced change – yes, another – that will frighten many and warm the hearts of some.  The changes have altered Google’s value placed on backlinks obtained via article sites, guest posts, backlink networks and other sources.


The LawFuel blog explains in more detail what has happened with the latest changes, but it does mean that those seeking high rankings and interaction will, once again, be focusing on social media links and natural or organic linking to their content.

Contrived backlinks have always been something that Google have been wanting to crack down on and as their sophistication and power has grown to detect what has been occurring online with marketers and others using different ways to generate high rankings, the Panda and Penguin slaps have occurred but now Google is also finessing its ability to de-rank sites that don’t meet its tightened criteria.

Check the link from Google and LawFuel Blog here.

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