Heart Tests To Determine Whether You Are Hale And Hearty

Heart Tests done at gethearttested.com help to determine whether you are healthy. The company also provides pre-test and post-test consultations with medical experts. These professionals can unravel the truth behind the test results and discuss your symptoms with you. Accordingly the medical experts will also offer appropriate treatment in certain cases.

The heart panel test of the company assesses many components of the blood like tests for diabetes and a fasting lipoprotein test. This panel or group of tests also gives quick results for total cholesterol, triglycerides, and fasting plasma glucose. This group of tests also includes hdl test, a1c test, and ldl test. The values for all these tests are important to assess the risk of heart diseases. These parameters along with blood pressure are used to determine the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Smoking, obesity, diabetes, high level of cholesterol, high blood pressure, heredity and physical inactivity are risk factors of heart disease. People suffering from these diseases are more prone to have a heart attack. Heart tests can give results for all these diseases. Apart from heredity, all the risk factors can be kept in control with a proper diet, fitness regime, and drug therapy.

Heart panel testing is very easy to order online. The easy online ordering system makes it convenient for you to purchase a set of tests. You can choose from one of the 2,000 local testing centers near your home or office and get your results. The heart panel test costs $99 and can be ordered online using a credit card. This group of tests includes physician order and review, laboratory testing analysis, blood specimen collection at a local testing center, physician counseling, personal medical report, and suggestions for treatment if possible.

You can order these heart tests online by simply entering your zip code and selecting the local testing center which is most convenient to you. The only condition is that you need to abstain from eating or consuming any liquids for 8 hours before you visit the testing center for specimen collection. There is no need for an appointment. You can visit the center anytime during business hours. However, you can also schedule the best time for you in advance in case you do not want to wait at the center.

You can order the tests online and get their results online too. You will be notified through email that your results are now ready for you to be received online. In fact, if you get tested at a local center you can get the test results on the next business day. There is telephone consultation available with our physicians, if the test results suggest there is need to take some action.

You can get heart tests including a1c test, hdl test and ldl test done as soon as today. You can order the test online or by making a call. After ordering, you will need to print the Lab Order Requisition form, which is supplied after you check out. Bring the form to the local testing center and get tested during business hours.

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