High-efficiency USB TI DSP Emulator

Toronto, Canada – GAO Embedded (www.GAOEmbedded.com) recommends its easy-to-use USB TI DSP emulator, which works in conjunction with TI Code Composer Studio IDE debug tool. The emulator’s design is based on XDS560 technology for real-time debugging and runs under most Windows operating systems from 98 to Vista and Windows 7.
This plug-and-play emulator, model TDS560, is intended to be used with digital signal processors (DSP) operating at 1.0 to 5.0 volts. It provides a real-time sequence server without interrupting the application and has a programmable TCK from 500kHz to 35MHz. The emulator supports TI DSPs with a JTAG interface, including C2000, F2400, C27X, F28X, C54X, C55X, C6000, C64X, TMS470 (ARM) and OMAP. It allows for multiprocessor debugging and features USB compatibility, simple connection and no switch settings. The device also provides hardware detection in the event of power loss or cable disconnects.
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