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This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the UK pensions market, highlighting the current issues and trends in the market. The report sizes the market by pension product and by distribution channel and forecasts both for a period of five years up to 2014. The report focuses on how providers and the pensions industry as a whole can boost pension savings.

Examines the current shape of the UK pensions market and explores the current issues that are hindering full engagement of consumers in the market.
Analyses the key products and regulatory trends that are currently affecting the pensions market.
Forecasts the direction of the UK pensions market from 2010 to 2014 by product and by distribution split.

The dominance of personal pensions in the individual pensions market has been overshadowed by the rise in popularity of SIPP products. The benefits of SIPP investment via a wrap platform are numerous, as they allow investors to manage their entire investment portfolio via one portal making it easier to maximize tax efficiency.

The stakeholder pension market is expected to decline dramatically with the introduction of the government incentivized NEST scheme in 2012, which is expected to draw consumers away from the lower end products. Other changes being implemented by the new coalition government will also impact on the future of the UK pensions market.

Reasons to Purchase
Provides detailed analysis of developments in the individual pensions market such as personal accounts
Access Datamonitor’s forecasts for the future size of the UK Pensions market
Identify competitor innovations and dynamics, and changes taking place in the distribution dynamics of the market

Table Of Contents

Overview 1
Catalyst 1
Summary 1
Executive Summary 2
Both regular and single premium pension markets contracted in 2009 2
Providers should focus on SIPPs 2
Providers will need to assist consumers in every step of retirement planning 2
The RDR aims to increase consumer confidence in seeking pensions advice 2
IFAs are unchallenged in the distribution of pension products 2

Table of Contents 3
Table of figures 4
Table of tables 5
Market Context 6
There are three main products in the pensions market 6
Stakeholder pensions are the most basic form of pension product 6
Personal pensions are aimed at the mass affluent market 7
SIPPs provide consumers with increased control over investments 7
The pressure on state benefits are increasing as the whole pension market is declining 8
Personal pensions and SIPPs still command the single premium pensions market despite a fall in new business premiums 8
Group personal pensions saw an increase in market share during 2009 8
Stakeholder pension market share contracted by 2% in 2009 9
Single premium SIPPs maintained a market share of 23% in 2009 10
Regular premium pension market contacted by 16.7% in 2009 11
Group personal pensions continue to dominate the regular premium market 11
Stakeholder pensions lost market share as new business declined by £103m APE in 2009 12
SIPPs maintain market share despite falls in new business during 2009 12
Providers should focus on SIPPs 12
GPP will decline as the government aims to roll out NESTs in 2012 13
The features offered by SIPPs will spur their growth over 2010-14 14
Additional voluntary contributions and stakeholder pensions will be the biggest losers in the regular premium pensions market 14
SIPPs are forecasted to drive the single premium pensions market for the next five years 15
Distributing SIPPs on an efficient wrap platform will provide investors with increased tax-efficiency and convenience 16
Greater clarity of SIPPs is needed to prevent a mis-selling scandal in the future 17
The increasing interest in SIPPs does not necessarily signal an end for personal and stakeholder pensions 17
Market Issues 19
There are five main areas that are impacting on the pension market 19
Economic climate presents a challenge to the pensions market 19
Accumulators have suffered significant losses from the poor performance of pension funds 19
Pension funds are still at the mercy of volatile stock markets 20
Pension funds have been hit by the Deep Horizon leak as BP halted dividend payments 20
Providers will need to assist consumers in every step of their retirement planning 20
Consumers misunderstand the pensions savings process and fail to recognize the different stages of retirement planning 20
Consumers increasingly feel alone when it comes to retirement planning as the shift from defined benefit to defined contribution continues 21
Consumers are not aware of the range of pension products available to them 21
Employees are being forced to bear more risks in defined contribution schemes 21
Providers need to target aspiring accumulators 22
Providers should target young people as a priority 23
Aspirers demand efficient solutions to personal finances 23
Providers need to make the aging population aware of the risks of not saving now 23
People will be living an additional 4.3 years in retirement by 2031 23
Providers should target consumers who are in the accumulation stage 24
The changing demographics in the UK is putting time pressure on long-term savings planning 25
Providers should seek opportunities where the government fails to help consumers achieve financial security in retirement 26
The state benefit system in its current form is buckling under increasing pressure 26
The government links pensions to earnings in a triple lock guarantee 27
The government has put all its eggs into NESTs but the success of the scheme is questionable 27
NESTs are not as low cost as they was initially suggested 27
NESTs will be in competition with stakeholder pensions and SIPPs 28
The coalition government will make its mark on pensions and NESTs 29
The RDR aims to increase consumer confidence in seeking pensions advice 29
The RDR will address recent failures in the pensions market 29
Consumer confidence will be boosted through interacting with better qualified IFAs 30
Providers will need to clearly distinguish their role as an advisor and a sales person 30
The RDR will decrease the chances of unsuitable advice being given to the pensions market 30
SIPPs are at the forefront of product innovation 31
SIPPs have received the most recent attention 31
Appropriate segmentation and targeting of SIPPs can boost take-up and retention 31
Uninsured SIPP transfer rates increased in 2009 to 83.8% 32
Alternative investments to pension schemes are available for those who wish to diversify their long-term savings portfolio 34
Individual savings accounts are a tax efficient way of boosting savings 34
Venture capital trusts are high-risk and tax efficient 35
Property provides security for investors who seek a long-term investment 35
Competitor Dynamics 36
A successful rebranding campaign has contributed to Aviva taking the top spot in the regular premium market in 2009 36
Aviva nets the highest market share in 2009 36
Lloyds Banking Group overtook Aviva as number one new business provider in the single premium market in 2009 38
The top three players in the regular premium market also top the single premium market in 2009 38
Similar trends were observed across the regular and single premium pension markets in 2009 39
Competitors have increased market share through a variety of means 39
Aviva’s change from Norwich Union is a marketing success 40
Lloyds TSB merger with HBOS makes it the top provider of single premium pensions 42
Lloyds Banking Group will face competition criticism in the long term 42
Asset management companies break top 20 in both the regular and single premium markets in 2009 42
Distribution Dynamics 43
IFAs are unchallenged in the distribution of pension products 43
Single tie distributors has become an increasingly popular choice for consumers, with a CAGR of 48.7% over 2005-09 43
IFAs will continue to dominate despite a changing pension landscape 44
Stakeholder pension regular premium distribution splits show that bancassurance suffered in 2009 46
The regular premium stakeholder pensions market will become more evenly distributed between single tied, bancassurance and IFAs over the next five years 47
IFAs will remain dominant in the personal pension regular premium market 48
IFAs will continue to dominate the regular premium personal pensions market over the next five years 49
The regular premium SIPPs market was dominated by IFA new business sales in 2009, despite a declining market 50
Non-intermediated regular premium SIPP sales will fall out of the market, while IFAs increase their distribution market share out to 2014 51
Stakeholder pensions single premium distribution splits 52
The single premium stakeholder pensions market is declining and is not attracting competition between the distribution channels 53
IFAs were the dominant distribution channel in 2009 for single premium personal pensions, with a market share of 80% 54
Bancassurance will see a decline in distribution share with a forecasted CAGR of -16% over 2010-14 55
Single premium SIPPs distribution is predominately controlled by the IFA channel 56
IFAs will continue to dominate the single premium SIPPs market out to 2014 57
Online distribution and wraps will enhance the ease of financial planning 58
Online channels make it easier for providers and advisors to target the mass market 58
Wrap platforms and SIPPs are complementary and are becoming increasingly popular 59
Regulatory changes to distribution provide a particular challenge to the sale of SIPPs 59
Wrap platforms are conducive to consumers’ needs when saving for retirement 59
Wrap platforms and SIPPs are complementary with demand for this structure increasing 59
Corporate wrap platforms will become the norm along side retail wrap platforms 60
Wrap platforms accommodate the FSA’s move to a transparent pricing structure 60
Implementing the RDR in 2012 could see opportunities arise for bancassurance to increase market share 60
The IFA distribution channel could become consolidated as IFAs choose retirement over retraining 60
Consolidation of IFAs could raise opportunities for bancassurance to increase its share in the distribution of pension products 60
Appendix 61
Supplementary information 61
Definitions 66
Single premium policy 66
Regular premium 66
New business 66
Life-based savings products 66
In-specie contribution 66
Pension product definitions 66
Personal pensions 66
Stakeholder pensions 66
Group personal pensions (GPPs) 66
DSS rebates 67
Employer-sponsored stakeholder pension 67
Self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs) 67
ABI definitions of distribution channels 67
Independent financial advisors (IFAs) 67
Direct sales forces 67
Tied agents 67
Multi-tied agents 67
Bancassurance 68
Direct marketing 68
Other 68
Further reading 68
Ask the analyst 68
Datamonitor consulting 68
Disclaimer 68


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