How the Internet Changed Everything

Located in Brooklyn,Haskell New York Inc. has undergone many transformations throughout its 82 year history. Although the company has survived many hurdles over the years, it needed a way to expand its presence beyond its main city base.

Like many small companies of its era, Haskell originally developed its clientele around the city. Despite new competition from the major office supply superstores, Haskell managed to survive by working hard and always treating its customers with the fastest, most courteous support. While Haskell proved it had what it takes to maintain customer loyalty, expanding its presence beyond the city still remained a challenge.

With the introduction of the World Wide Web and a more user-friendly way of surfing the net through Web browsers, the Internet provided great opportunity. Those that would harness its power effectively would rule the day.

As with any new technology, the learning curve did not come easy. Although Haskell was quick to put up a website, its early HTML-based source code did little to make an impact. Moreover, just translating its proprietary client-server based ordering system to the Web also proved to be a dead end. It wasn’t until Haskell realized it needed to completely rewrite its website from scratch that it began to make headway.

Having learned from its mistakes of the past, the new site, allows customers to order without signing up first and supports multi-threaded processing. Although this opened doors, a website without backlinks or landing pages is like a tourist attraction without a travel agency listing. Despite the promises of early marketers, Haskell initially found itself unable to attract new business.

Today with a completely revamped website optimized for search engines, Haskell New York Inc. is no longer a local stationer with a few clients in other states. Through many nights and weekends of hard work, the company has reinvented itself and remains optimistic even in the worst of times. While the economy may still present its challenges, great opportunities remain online.

Having made the transition from the local to national scene, Haskell continues to refine its marketing strategy. While learning how to optimize a website, push its keywords and outsource help correctly have proved to be vital skills, each day still presents its challenges. Those willing to work hard every day to build an online presence find themselves like Haskell, in a position where hard work and perseverance do actually pay off and even smaller companies can compete against the big superstores on a shoe string budget.
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