How To Avoid These 5 Key Mistakes When Hiring a Lawyer in Oregon

How To Avoid These 5 Key Mistakes When Hiring a Lawyer in Oregon 2

Johnston Law Firm – Car accidents are an unfortunate fact of life and in Oregon the State government statistics show 125 fatalities in the year to April 2022.  The car crash statistics in the United States overall are at epidemic proportions with 38,000 deaths annually reported by an international road safety website.


It goes without saying that the statistics for road accident injuries are much more significant and the resulting legal repercussions are also huge with massive consequences both economically and in terms of personal injury effects.

The need for those affected by car accidents to obtain proper legal representation is important and as car accident specialists in Oregon, having an Oregon City car accident attorney can help accident victims get the appropriate financial compensation.

But choosing an attorney qualified to handle the claim efficiently and effectively can be another issue.  Any wrong judgment towards selecting a lawyer can lead to unsatisfactory outcomes for the client. 

Claiming compensation for a car accident is often more complex than might be expected as the accident victim (or main ‘offender’) requires someone to represent their interests in the most effective manner possible, ensuring that the advice is accurate, including any estimate of settlement, the collection and assembly of necessary evidence, court representation and of course good communication with the client to that you are fully informed of what is happening and what to expect. 

But mistakes in the choice get made.

Here are some common mistakes that people should avoid while hiring an auto accident attorney.  

1. Hiring an Inexperienced Attorney 

If a lawyer is inexperienced, he or she can’t assess the extent of your injuries and the physical damage to the car. Subsequently, they can fail to build up a strong case in your favor. 

They may leave certain loopholes in the legal presentation of the case whose benefit would be used to the advantage of the insurance companies by either avoiding liability clauses or paying very little. 

Clients should ensure the chosen lawyer had experience in handling the particular type of claim, or certainly have experience in handling motor accident claims generally, with a good track record of success in defending or representing injured parties in motor accidents.  Experience in court representation is also a key factor in making that decision.

2. Delay in Hiring a Lawyer and Filing A Lawsuit

After any car accident, you must hire an auto attorney promptly as any delay can become a major problem which, once again, can be exploited to the advantage of an insurer.  

Time limits are important and a prompt hire with an experienced attorney will present a stronger case that will  not run the risk of being minimized by the opposition or in having a time limit missed.

As soon as you have got all the essential medical assistance resulting from the accident a good lawyer should be retained to assist in the legal processes that follow.

 3. Not Informing the Police after the Car Accident 

This is a common mistake that may weaken an auto injury case as cases involving relatively minor damage or little injury that are unreported can lead to an opposition insurer seeking higher damages.  A full report with all the details of the injury or accident will only strengthen your case.    

4. Not Verifying the Lawyer’s Background 

A background study is a must for all. Every lawyer can’t handle your case successfully. You have to check out various online reviews posted by their clients and their overall reputation in the market as a basic check of the lawyer you are looking to hire.  As was pointed out in a recent Forbes article, you can also ask a prospective attorney how many referrals come from other attorneys, always an excellent guide towards a good lawyer with expertise in the area.

A good and efficient lawyer always enjoys a high degree of credibility and goodwill in the market and checking by word-of-mouth will also see you obtaining some highly valuable advice on attorneys who can provide the best possible assistance.  

Not Finding Out About Their Fees

Ask the attorney about their fees.  Some will work on a contingency fee, meaning they only make money when you have a favorable judgment or settlement amount.  This is particularly important for larger car accident injury claims, which may see around one-third of the amount received being paid to the lawyer on the contingency.  If there are standard fees then make sure you know what they are, what the disbursements and other costs are that you will need to pay and ensure you are happy with clear, unambiguous answers from the lawyer.

In Conclusion

After an accident, you should hire an auto attorney who is well-experienced, qualified, and charges affordable professional fees. Take note of the key questions and issues as outlined here and give yourself the best possible chance of a successful legal outcome.

Source: Johnston Law Firm, Oregon City Law Firm



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