How to Make a Blog That Won’t End Up in The Bloggers Graveyard

RealWritingJobs.ORG – For lawyers or anyone else seeking to make a blog, the issues appear very simple. Indeed, making a blog itself is as easy as falling off a log, as article “How to Make a Blog” indicate.

But therein lies a major trap.

Although starting a blog is very simply and can be done quite literally for nothing beyond some time, there are important issues for any blogger to consider if they want to achieve success blogging – whether its to make money, raise profile for a law firm or some other offline business or anything else.

A new article on How to Make a Blog shows the key steps potential bloggers need to take to avoid the blogging graveyard that it is for so many blogs.

There are incredible blogging tools available to help anyone get their blog online and optimized for good search engine traffic and yet there are also a large number of obstacles that can torpedo the new blogger’s ability to gain traction and have his or her blog working the way they would like.

One such obstacle is the question of whether to use a free blogging platform like WordPress or Blogger or to pay for your own hosting.

It’s a question that exercises the minds of many bloggers and is often answered incorrectly.

Then there are issues over how to optimize the blog for appropriate search engine traffic. Regardless of the type of blog or whether it is intended to produce online income, more profile for a legal or accounting business, or some other offline business, or whether its a hobby topic blog of some kind.

There is little point in blogging unless the blog actually achieves the end to which it is designed to reach. If you’re serious about making a blog then you need to ask the serious questions about it.

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