I-TermPaper.com Will Dispose of E-Rubbish the Right Way Henceforward!

When a printer or a computer gives up the ghost, it’s never convenient, is it? The natural response, even for I-TermPaper.com staff, is reaching for a blunt instrument or raising the window to hurl it. The street, however, is the worst place to leave a computer! Anyone viewing the heart-rending images of young children working on e-waste dumped illegally onto the developing world knows this. That includes I-TermPaper.com employees, who were shocked recently to learn that worldwide, the volume of e-rubbish per person has grown to 15 kilos. To respond, I-TermPaper.com will pro-actively ensure appropriate electronics disposal.

We now have the location and date of all e-waste collection opportunities for our community, clearly posted. Also posted prominently is a reminder to turn in ink cartridges for re-filling. Finally, we have a car pool arrangement for carting obsolesced computers to a charitable organization promising to re-furbish and re-use them. At the other end of the life cycle, we now will confirm recyclability of all our equipment before we purchase it. It feels good to have these procedures in place! I-TermPaper.com might even save!

This is a nice addition to the list of eco-friendly initiatives I-TermPaper.com has undertaken over the years. You can learn about all our other innovations at our website, http://i-termpaper.com.

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