Writing-Services.org Staff Plans to Dispose Of E-Waste Correctly: Eco-Friendly As Usual!

The usual end of many pieces of electronic equipment is being thrown out a window – no, wait, that’s what we want to do with a broken printer, computer, modem, or other defunct machine that has just caused a missed deadline! Sadly, local regulations usually prohibit the actual launching of copiers/scanners as projectiles, no matter how satisfying the prospect! In fact, a recent news note that each person generates 15 kilos of e-waste has shocked Writing-Services.org staff into a renewed effort to properly dispose of our outdated, non-working equipment and accessories.

Although the urge to hurl electronic equipment is natural, the results of incorrect disposal are dire. We here at Writing-Services.org can hardly overlook images of e-waste dumping on the web. Especially in Africa, amateur e-waste reclamation pollutes the air and water, and harms the health of children.

In light of this, Writing-Services.org has implemented a more aggressive policy towards appropriate de-accessioning of our own e-waste. With a little research, (we are really good at that) on the topic, we are locating the relevant entities. Some are public, others are private, but all certify that they will re-use, recycle, or re-purpose everything from print cartridges to printers, and hard drives to HD monitors, and our personal mobile devices, as well.

This deeply satisfying, and eco-friendly, move is hardly unusual for Writing-Services.org. You can read about our other environmentally conscious initiatives on our website at http://writing-services.org.

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