ICICI Lombard offers travel insurance policy with pre-existing disease cover

LawFuel.com – Senior citizens aspire to go on a cruise overseas or spend time with their grandchildren abroad post retirement. To accomplish all these dreams and simultaneously stay safe and sound, ICICI Lombard has introduced Salt & Pepper Travel Insurance plan. People up to 85 years of age are eligible to avail the benefits of this extensive and all inclusive plan. It is an international travel insurance plan that has various features which can be checked at the company’s website. To procure this plan, all you need to do is log on to the ICICI Lombard website and select the senior citizen travel insurance plan and you will be provided with a digitally signed insurance plan with a click.

Salt & Pepper travel insurance shelters senior citizens from an array of mishaps. For example, in case of a medical emergency, the insurance plan permits the insured to avail the benefit of worldwide cashless hospitalization, preventing the insured from suffering financial strain. All the medical expenses are paid and settled by the insurance company. Moreover, if the insured is aged between 17-85 years of age, he is protected without being subjected to a medical check-up.

The key feature of this plan is that it provides cover for Pre-Existing diseases in life-threatening emergency situations. Not just in coverage, but even in its premium, it is a customer friendly policy. The insured may avail of plans with slab rates for the first 7 days only, and then pay on a per day basis. The healthcare partner in this case is the United Health International (UHI is a leading US based health care provider).

This plan is said to offer additional benefits to the customer while travelling. Besides providing coverage in case of medical emergencies, this plan also shields the customer during non-medical emergencies such as loss of luggage and passport, financial emergency and so on. As a travel policy, this plan equips every customer with superior health care services across the globe without undergoing medical check-ups. Thus, to guarantee a happy and safe vacation or a stress free business trip, make sure you buy travel insurance.

With more and more awareness building up about travel policy, customers are keen on having the right travel insurance before they embark on travel for work or pleasure. To appease their needs, companies have been striving hard to provide comprehensive and all inclusive solutions to customers.

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