Why It Is Important To File A Personal Injury Lawsuit

Don’t Take Their Word for It, Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Accidents are a horrible fact of life. There simply isn’t a way around it. What we can do about it is our absolute best to prevent being involved with them.

As a society we create rules and guidelines to help prevent accidents. We design vehicles that will protect us from harm. Businesses create best practices to prevent injuries to their customers. Stores even have those wet floor signs so that you don’t slip and fall while using their bathroom. No one intends for an accident to happen, otherwise they wouldn’t be called an accident.

When they do occur, we must effectively deal with them. It is irresponsible to pretend they didn’t happen. If we all did that, they would simply continue to occur.

Accidents must be learned from and steps must be taken to prevent them from repeating.  That is why you should hire a personal injury attorney if you are involved in an accident.

But it wasn’t their fault

Just by definition, an accident is no one’s fault. It is understood that when they happen it is not done with bad intentions. Even in cases of negligence, (like a company fails to put up a wet floor sign) the employee who failed to do it, didn’t do it to hurt you. They probably didn’t get a lot of sleep the night before and simply forgot. Regardless of their reason, you are hurt by their actions.

Let’s use the wet floor example. Let’s say the sign was not left out and the floor was wet. When you fall, what most likely is going to happen is the store manager is going to quickly ask if you are okay. You will then most likely respond that you are fine.

The problem with that is you are not able to immediately determine if you are fine. Slips and falls can cause permanent damage that only a medical professional can spot before it becomes a real problem. If you simply ignore the situation, you may find that you develop other symptoms later and not realize it was from the fall.

A personal injury attorney will give your fall the attention it deserves to prevent that from happening. They can help you gather the money to accurately ensure you are okay.

The scenario without a personal injury lawyer

What would happen if you didn’t hire an attorney?

The store manager will wag his finger at the employee, who will apologize. The next day that same employee will forget to put the sign up again and an elderly lady slips and falls. This time, instead of telling the manager she’s fine, she breaks her hip.

You think she will be hiring a lawyer? You can bet she will. These types of personal injury accidents need to be filed. Personal injury law firms like The Begum Law Group will take your case and not charge you a single penny unless they win the case. This means that your lawyer and court costs can be added to your injury compensation, not putting you in any financial binds.

Alexander Begum founded The Begum Law Group with the desire to help those in the San Antonio area who have been hurt by the negligence of another. Alex has over 20 years of expereince in the legal field, with his law degree from Harvard. He came back to his hometown of Brownsville to start The Begum Law Group.

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