Interns Are Now Running The Law & Banking Shows in London

Interns Are Now Running The Law & Banking Shows in London

With summer time comes the opportunity for young interns to start flexing their career muscles.  According to a Evening Standard report, the interns in law firms and banks in London are taking the opportunity to – as writer Frankie McCoy says – do the “bigt deals” as the people who “drink Jägerbombs out of choice. So what’s it like for the 20-year-olds running the capital?”

Sure, you’ll be working hard at your City internship but you will be handsomely rewarded — with a salary that makes other summer jobs look like a waste of time.

A trainee investment banker says: “Most interns at most investment banks are now paid the same salary as a first-year analyst, in this case £45-55k per annum pro rata.”

The super human desire to prove yourself means that the intern who doesn’t sleep is the norm.

An investment banking intern said: “The problem is the lack of certainty, which means making plans is nearly impossible. The demands of the business, and more depressingly the culture, inevitably cause late-night pile-ups in work that suddenly materialise at 8pm once you’ve started hatching plans for a few drinks with friends.

“I’ve lost track of lunch dates, evening plans and nights out that I’ve had to cancel at the last minute.”

Source: Evening Standard

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