Is Big Media Ignoring Ron Paul? And Why?

LawFuel – As Republican candidate Ron Paul continues to soar in the polls, he still gets ‘fringe’ candidate treatment by the mainstream media.

A new television ad, released by Ron Paul’s campaign, labels him the “defender of Freedom” with his attitude towards taxes, abortion and other issues.

Paul’s online fundraising has approached $20 million through innovative efforts.

The ad includes an old photo of Paul as an Air Force flight surgeon, says he delivered 4,000 babies, and lauds his record in Congress voting against tax hikes and pay raises for representatives and senators.

As one enthusiast said after seeing his ads: “I never thought it will be possible to ever have an “honest politician” – this has been an oxymoron until now. I guess it’s because most other guys are lawyers trained in the art of deception. Ron Paul is a doctor and sincere patriot who talks straight. Smart guy.”

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