Is Parental Leave ‘Sitting on Your Ass’, As One Lawyer Suggested?

Is Parental Leave 'Sitting on Your Ass', As One Lawyer Suggested? 2

The understandable results of the comment have left the law firm embarrassed and the texting lawyer without a job of his own – presumably sitting on his own ass.

A Cleveland lawyer lost his job following an insulting text message he sent to a colleague who had returned from parental leave and resigned for another role.

The lawyer, Jon Dileno, sent a text to the new mother.

“What you did – collecting salary from the firm while sitting on your ass, except to find time to interview for another job – says everything one needs to know about your character. Karma’s a bitch. Rest assured, regarding anyone who inquires, they will hear the truth from me about what a soul-less and morally bankrupt person you are.”


The controversy resulted in its own karma for Dileno when he lost his job – no paternity leave involved – and the law firm, Zashkin & Rich, issued an apology for the Dileno text.

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