Jacinda Ardern’s Wedding Plan Postponements – And 5 Ways To Prepare For Disruptions to Your Big Day

Jacinda Ardern's Wedding Plan Postponements - And 5 Ways To Prepare For Disruptions to Your Big Day 2

MarriageCelebrantNZ – The postponement of Jacinda Ardern’s wedding will doubtless end with the announcement of her resignation, but Covid has certainly seen countless weddings postponed, adding to the stress and disappointments that organising a wedding can create.

The postponements also create issues for the under-pressure hospitality industry and wedding venues.

The previous mask mandates created their own major issues too, of course, but now that we are free from those restrictions, despite the continued presence of Covid, it has been a time when couples have reassessed not only their plans, but sometimes also their relationships.

What can you do to handle disruptions to wedding plans?  Here are 5 key suggestions:

1. Remain flexible and open to change.

Flexibility is a key element in wedding planning. This includes being willing to adjust the date or location of the wedding, if necessary.

2. Communicate clearly

Being able to communicate clearly and effectively with vendors, guests, and others involved with the wedding. This can help ensure that everyone is on the same page and that any necessary changes are made in a timely manner.

3. Be proactive and plan for contingencies.

This may involve having backup plans in place for potential disruptions, such as bad weather or illness.

4. Remain adaptable and creative.

This can include finding ways to incorporate elements of the original plan into the new one, or coming up with entirely new ideas that are still in line with the overall vision for the wedding.

5. Prioritize the important things.

Let go of the less important things. This can help keep the focus on what truly matters, such as the couple’s love for each other and their commitment to one another.

We live in a world where weather events, medical emergencies, and all manner of other events can delay your big day, so try and be prepared for the need to alter your plans, just like former PM Jacinda Ardern has needed to do.

Rosie Bowie is a former matchmaker and undertakes wedding services and planning. She may be contacted via LinkedIn or at [email protected]

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