Jones Days’ “Male Brotherhood” Black Box Culture Subject Of Another Lawsuit

gender equality

Once again, Jones Day faces litigation in respect of its “black box” compensation system, allegedly used to pay women partners less than their male colleagues.

This is the second gender discrimination lawsuit against the wealthy law firm, following one filed by Wendy Moore, a former Jones Day partner who referred to the so-called ‘black box’ discrimination policy that relegated pregnant women and women generally.

The second suit has been filed by six women in the Washington DC federal court, referring to the ‘fraternity culture’ of the firm.

“In Jones Day’s fraternity culture,” the complaint says, “male brotherhood is affirmed and strengthened by comments and conduct that derogate women, leaving female associates to choose between capitulation and exclusion.”

They also say ‘“Jones Day’s fraternity culture presents female attorneys at Jones Day with an unpalatable choice: participate in a culture that is at best inhospitable to women and at worst openly misogynistic or forego any hope of success at the firm.”

For a female associate to succeed at Jones Day, she must at least tolerate the stereotyped expectations of the firm’s male power brokers. To challenge these expectations by word or deed, even in settings ostensibly provided for ‘honest’ feedback, is career suicide.”

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