Josh Hawley Was The Exact Sort Of Prick You’d Imagine Him To Be At Yale Law School

Josh Hawley

 A former classmate is spilling all the tea from his law school days.

As you probably could guess, based on his radically right-wing record and degree from Yale Law School, Senator Josh Hawley was a member of the Federalist Society in law school. And as you also probably guessed based on those two facts, he was a bit of an asshole back then (I mean, probably now too, but this story is about his law school days, so).

Irina Manta, a professor at Hofstra Law School and a FedSoc darling who was spotted trying to make the law hold people accountable for lying on Tinder and branded a “Karen” after a neighborhood squabble over fireworks, has an opinion piece on USA Today dishing on Hawley’s time in law school and urging him to ditch his sure-to-be-failed attempt to prevent Joe Biden from becoming the 46th President of the United States.  Manta is also clear to note, that despite her association with FedSoc, she worked on President-elect Biden’s campaign this cycle. But enough with the background, let’s get to the (old) hot goss.

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