Judge Judy’s Big Deal

Judge Judy's great TV deal


For a diminutive lady with a larger-than-life fan following and tongue, Judge Judy sure knows how to cut a deal – as much as telling one of her court parties to ‘shuddup and listen’.

Because Judge Judy is far more than a court show host, Judith Sheindlin, 74, is an entertainment powerhouse like few others – now seeking a deal in her contract negotiation that could see her sell the catalog for her shows for a cool $200 million.

That’s apart from an annual deal with CBS for the show that would bring in $47 million a year.

The Judge has shown she has one of the sharpest minds in the media business, which shouldn’t surprise anyone who is used to Judge Judy’s courtroom commentaries and sharp ripostes.

As the Hollywood Reporter tells us –

And if all goes as Sheindlin hopes, she’ll soon sell that catalog for as much as $200 million — and in doing so throw cold water on a long-held theory that there’s little to no aftermarket for such syndicated shows.

Shopping the library on Sheindlin’s behalf is former Bear Stearns banker Lisbeth R. Barron, who in recent months has approached a mix of studios, station groups, distributors and deep-pocketed individuals. Her pitch, per multiple sources who have heard it: TV stations — those that currently air Judge Judy originals as well as their competitors — will be salivating for anything Judy once the first-run episodes conclude in 2020; plus, the No. 1 court show has yet to be exploited in much of the streaming, cable or global marketplace.

Judge Judy  has been an evergreen winner online and changing media formats and outlets present a unique opportunity that the Judge is fully capable of grasping and exploiting.

Whether media outlets have underrated the show’s ongoing performance is up for question.

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