Kathryn Beck and that Pesky ‘Russell McVeagh’ #Metoo Issue That Fails to Die

Kathryn Beck and that Pesky 'Russell McVeagh' #Metoo Issue That Fails to Die 2
Kathryn Beck and that Pesky 'Russell McVeagh' #Metoo Issue That Fails to Die 6

Former Law Society president Kathryn Beck just cannot seem to shake off the ‘Russell McVeagh’ issue, the sexual harassment scandal that became the front-and-centre focus of her presidency.

Kathryn Beck and that Pesky 'Russell McVeagh' #Metoo Issue That Fails to Die 7

One of the most strident critics of Kathryn Beck, Queenstown-based Olivia Wensley, has attacked the appointment that was announced recently by Attorney General David Parker as an Employment C0urt Judge, the Attorney General saw fit to note that his office “was aware . . (that she) was involved in the Russell McVeagh issues and the steps the society took in that regard.”

“In terms of her appointment, it was made after a normal and proper process and he has confidence in her, as he has in all other judges.”

However prominent #Metoo advocate who was heaviliy involved in commentary about the Russell McVeagh scandal, Olivia Wensley, has levelled criticism at the appointment, saying Beck had let down vulnerable young women in her handling of the sexual harassment and bullying claims and that “it was disappointing she was now going to be judging more people in vulnerable positions.”

The Law Society obtained an injunction in order to protect the confidentiality of the information and to ensure no further dissemination .

Stuff.co.nz reported Olivia Wensley’s comments.

Wensley said in her opinion Beck had a chance to change the profession for the better during her time at the Law Society but failed, Wensley said.

“She worked against the victims rather than with [them].”

Olivia Wensley and the Wellington Womens’ Lawyers Association claimed that it was well known that there were ‘cultural problems’ within the profession generally that the society had failed to properly address.

According to the Government announcement of Beck’s appointment as a judge, she was a partner at employment law firm SBM Legal as an employment law partner.

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