Dotcom Case Sees Another Win in New Zealand Appeal Victory

kim-dotcom – Kim Dotcom’s New Zealand legal team have secured the right to go to the country’s highest court to decide whether the US efforts to extradict the internet tycoon and keep files from them was lawful.


The New Zealand Court of Appeal has granted leave to the Dotcom lawyers to appeal to the Supreme Court after the Court of Appeal had earlier overturned a decision to see the files regarding the case.

The case is set down for hearing in the Supreme Court on July 30 while the actual extradition hearing is set down for commencement on August 12.

The Dotcom case, commencing with what was subsequently declared to be an illegal raid on his Auckland mansion has created a political firestorm in New Zealand, embroiling the country’s government lawyers, their spy agency, civil rights and internet users and international attention.

While the US authorities are vigorously pursuing the claim against Dotcom, who claims the US government is dancing to Hollywood’s tune and that he has done nothing illegal with his file uploading service, there are several hurdles yet to be cleared in New Zealand before the controversial case can be heard.




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