Law Marketing and the Law Blog

Law firm blogs are an increasingly important marketing tool, but one, simple thing can trip up a successful blog – who authors it.  In a post from Real Lawyers Have Blogs, Kevin O’Keefe looks at the issue, which is reported in the LawFuel blog post here.

He provided seven good reasons why the individuals should be the writers.

Blogs have changed the writing scene so far as content is concerned.  whereas the corporate entity, if we can call law firms that, were previously the “authors” of white papers and newsletters, today the blogger is a somewhat more opinionated individual who injects humor, perhaps even provocation into his or her material.

As O’Keefe points out, the blog provides the author with the chance to develop relationships with the audience, unquestionably one of the keys towards developing that “bond” with the audience.  They ask for, respond to and thrive on interaction.

The O’Keefe item provides seven reasons why law firm blogs should be written by one or two lawyers, rather than “the firm”.

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