Web Marketing Firm Black Fin Sets Up Law Firm Marketing

Redding, CA —LawFuel.com – Best Law Firm Marketing Newswire After six successful years of business, Black Fin Media adds web design and full-service Internet marketing to its resumes – but not just any marketing, law-firm marketing.

Owner Gerrid Smith says the move seemed natural for his company, especially with the expansion of its Search Engine Optimization and web design services. Now, with the help of Smith and his team, you can instantly boost your business.

“We understand this industry, and we know that converting clicks into new business depends almost entirely on establishing trust with your site visitors,” Smith says.

Experts like those at Black Fin Media fully understand the needs of getting your website noticed. The team’s web experts know exactly what you need to do to get the results you need.

“So we keep an unswerving focus on people, not Google’s web bots,” Smith says. “We keep the focus of our original content on anticipating the information needs of your site visitors and then supplying them with that information in a way that builds your firm’s credibility. And we use every opportunity possible to show readers how your attorneys can offer them the knowledge and experience they need.”

“With this in mind, our content writing team is made up only of talented writers trained in conversion optimization and SEO—not SEO hacks who string words together with no regard for elegance or informational content,” Smith continues. “Our writers will create web pages or blog posts related to your areas of practice, organically building in keywords to attract visitors who need that information.”


It takes a number of steps to launch a successful legal marketing campaign, but we focus on the essentials to getting your firm some much-needed business. We’re able to do this with:

1. 100 percent original content. No plagiarism here. We have a team of great writers to help us on hand.
2. Smart use of keywords. With a carefully crafted campaign, you can get great SEO results.
3. Readable and accessible content.
4. A tone that reaches out to people – the right way.
5. A comprehensive, turnkey content management solution for your site.
All you have to do is hire us, specify your desired target markets, and then watch the new content start to appear after it’s been approved by you.
6. Speedy attention to editorial requests. Once the media is hooked, we find ways to getting your story on newspapers, radio and television.


While there are many web design companies that cater to the legal field, we understand what it takes to drive quality traffic to a website. We will convert that traffic into clients. Very few people understand that and our experience gives us a competitive edge.

Stick with people who fully understand the game. Stick with Black Fin Media.

About Black Fin Media
Black Fin Media is a mix of digital marketing strategy and actual tactics for law firms that want to truly dominate their niches online.

GoBlackFin.com and SmithSEO was founded by Gerrid T. Smith. With a background in Marketing and Internet Strategies, Gerrid has been actively involved in SEO for over five years. By studying under the best SEO Strategists as well as attending the top training schools, seminars and workshops, Gerrid has become an expert in SEO and advanced Internet marketing techniques.

Prior to his establishment of SmithSEO, Gerrid held prominent roles in various Internet companies, including the Director of Internet Marketing at My.com and President of The Injury Guide, LLC (one of the largest personal injury lawyer directories on the Internet), Gerrid is dedicated to providing effective SEO services with passion, excellence, and integrity.

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