The 3 “Holy Grail” Points to Succeed in Law Firm Marketing

The 3 "Holy Grail" Points to Succeed in Law Firm Marketing

Stephen Fairley at the Rainmaker Institute is highly experienced when it comes to law firm marketing issues, specializing in lead conversion for law firms.

He recently published an article on the “3 c0mmon denominators” for lawyers who succeed in building their law firms, published in the National Law Review.

Best Practices Box Opening with Lightbulb and Gears Inside

As he points out after working with around 10,000 lawyers, these three are his holy grail in law firm marketing.

The 3 Fairley points:

1.  Time.

Attorneys who succeed in marketing and growing their firms dedicate time to law firm marketing.  It may not always be their time, but they have someone who tends to the knitting day in and day out.

But there is a secret that any online marketer knows and uses – outsourcing.  The outsourced tasks include:

  • Creating, maintaining and writing for a monthly e-newsletter to send to current and prospective clients

  • Setting up and writing a blog

  • Setting up and maintaining social media accounts for your firm

  • Writing and distributing press releases

  • Creating and launching a lead generation email campaign

  • Maintaining their own law firm websites

  • Search Engine Optimization to increase traffic for your Internet marketing efforts

  • Designing a comprehensive law firm marketing plan or strategy

  • Implementing systems and processes to better manage client and prospect relationships

2.  Systems.

Firms that excel in legal marketing have systems in place to run, monitor and measure their law firm marketing programs.  Leveraging readily available software and technology, attorneys can create a “lifestyle practice”—a practice that supports the lifestyle you want to lead, rather than one that dominates your life.

3.  Strategy.

Legal marketing gurus know that a comprehensive strategy to grow your law firm is essential to your long-term success.

Otherwise, you and your team lack direction.  When you use a proven legal marketing strategy that consistently produces results, you can then set up legal marketing systems that, in turn, free up your time while increasing your client base, thereby increasing your revenue.

Three, key marketing points to achieve success for your law firm.  It’s not difficult, but in a world where online marketing has elevated the power of social media and Google search to a point where you have to develop a strategy that lets you win rather than drown, the “Holy Grail” points are highly worthwhile noting.

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