Law Firm Rankings – How Do You Approach Ranking in 2013?

060302_google_184x138Ranking your law firm website is important, but with so many changes occurring with Google, which ‘ranking factors’ remain important?

Well, thanks to a correlation study undertaken by SEOMoz, we now know.

Our LawFuel Blog reports that Number one is still links.  They have been attacked and maligned by many who regard them as failing to produce the “juice” they once did, but good links still create great rankings.  But what about the others.

Well here are the SEOMoz findings in this correlation study which provides some important information about how to rank in 2013 (and ahead) in broad terms:



SEOMoz has just finished publishing the results from surveying over 120 leading search engine marketers who provided their opinions on over 80 SEO ranking factors.

Read the LawFuel Blog report here.



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