Law Firm SEO and a Case Study’s Dramatic Results

Law Firm SEO and a Case Study's Dramatic Results 2

SAN DIEGO, USA  October 31, 2014 / The latest client success case study by Zealous Influence has just been released. This week’s topic: Law Firm SEO.

Presented by their CEO, Zeal Caiden, the case study digs in deeply and shows the exact step-by-step process they used to rank a client #2 on Google for all of their “money keywords” including the #1 spot in the Google Maps block, and even #2 and #4 in the organic rankings for iconic keywords that all attorneys will be familiar with.

The keywords being targeted were an average of approximately $50 cost-per-click on Google Adwords, with bids upwards of $100 by the top bidder(s). Watch the case study for more insight into what was done and how.

With typical Zealous Influence value-adding flair, the company bundled a step-by-step checklist for “Review Site Optimization” which details exactly how to rank at the top of popular local business review sites such as Yelp, as well as two unannounced bonuses to “make review site optimization a breeze.”

When asked for a quote, Zeal Caiden offered, “I am thrilled to have been able to present this newest case study on SEO for attorneys. Our team earned the results on this one 100% and I am honored to be in the position to present what is getting us great client results currently as of today.”

Caiden went on to add, “Attorneys are in a tough position. They want SEO results. They want to believe it’s possible for them to experience those benefits. But they are getting pitched constantly by all kinds of people – hucksters, consultants, big agency reps- who can’t rank, who just can’t compete in the brutally competitive game of attorney SEO. This case study changes everything.”

Further, Caiden wants it to be known that in addition to providing thought leadership and one of the most effective services for law firm SEO, that the company is working on new technology to “make the world a better place for consumers, for attorneys, for everybody. Next-level Silicon Valley make a dent in the Universe stuff, guys.”

Zeal Caiden, as well as his key managers, are available for all legitimate press inquiries relevant to law firm SEO, law firm marketing, local SEO, local business marketing, as well as SEO, content marketing and digital marketing in general.

To watch the full 25-minute video case study, as well as access the step-by-step checklist to get incredible review site rankings and conversions, visit the official law firm SEO case study page on the Zealous Influence website:

Watch on YouTube:

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